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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Friday, 08 Aug 2008

Location: Antakya, Turkey

MapWe left Goreme in Cappodocia at 8am this morning on an ok bus. Unfortunately about 9.30am there was a 'bang' and the bus lımped ınto the next garage about 10mınutes up the road. Well, almost 2 hours later after every man on the bus eıther assisted, offered assistance or stood around watching (the women all sat in the shade and rested...and talked) with much shouting, pushing and strainıng with various objects, we were off again!!

Finally we arrived at our destination, Antakya. We did change buses and enjoyed the last 3 hours on a very new bus. Actually the buses are generally better than those ın Australia as every coach between towns and cıties has a host or hostess who suppy all the passengers with water, tea, coffee or coke together with cake throughout the journey. They even offer antiseptic handwash!

Anyway, tomorrow we are crossing the border into Syria and staying at Aleppo (have a look on a map!). It may be a few days until we can access an internet cafe as they are few and far between! We will write again soon.

We had an amazing time in Goreme! The fairy chimneys where people carve out their houses and live inside the rock are amazing! Some of the dwellings are over 2,000 years old! Maree and Ron and İ bought a Turkish carpet too!

We also vısıted an underground city that housed more than 10,000 Christians when they were hıdıng from the Romans during the 2nd century. The city was 7 storeys deep with tunnels and tiny passageways everywhere.

Until next time...