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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Aug 2008

Location: Aleppo, Syria

MapToday is our last day in Aleppo in Syria. Aleppo is a bustling arabic city although it does have a 30% Christian population. We are stying in a great little hotel off the Souk. The Souk or bazaar or market has about 2000 small shops scattered across a labrynth of alley ways. You can buy pretty much anything in the Souk from gold jewlery to clothes to spices to meat to detergent! Yesterday we went to St Simeons church and monestry, about 30 kms from Aleppo. Amazing ruins in great condition. St Simeon was the most notable of the early christian Styalites. He lived on top of a stone column, 12 metres high and about 1m in diameter for 36 years. The shurch was built in his memory and many people copied his lifestyle. They tried it in Europe but most froze to death in the winter.

We had tea with our driver's family on our return from St Simeons. It is always great to meet the locals close up. They are very friendly.

We did a tour of the Citadet in Aleppo late yesterday and visited the main mosque. We had a great guide who introduced us to many locals and Maree and Cathy had a great time interacting with women in the mosque. The Citadel is about 1500 years old and is just amazing.

Tomorrow we are off to Crac de Chevalliers - the best Crusader castle left in the world - can't wait!

Everyone is reasonably healthy. Cathy is getting over her cold and Ron, Cathy and Maree all are having a little stomach twitches. Bound to happen with such a different diet.

Love to all.