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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 20 Aug 2008

Location: Kaş, Turkey

MapWednesday 20 August

We left Antalya at 9.30am and travelled by bus for about 4 hours to Kaş. This small village of a couple of thousand people sits nestled between high mountains right next to the Mediterranean. Bradley has been taking us to small hotels that he knows from his own travels almost 4 years ago or from staying at hotels used by Intrepid (travel company) when he was a travel guide a few months back. Unfortunately, we had to stay in 2 different hotels as the one he normally stays at only had one room vacant. It was ok though because Ron and I stayed on the top floor with a magnificent veiw of the sea.

Kaş is Bradley’s favourite place in Turkey. It certainly is a beautful spot! It has a small harbour with lots of colourful boats and a cobblestoned village square. We had a brief look at Real Estate and we could buy a very nice 4 bedroom house with uninterrupted views of the sparkling aqua coloured Mediterranean for around 500 000 Australian dollars. It really made us think…mmmm!!!!

In the afternoon we had a beautiful swim. To get to the water we had to clamber over some rocks then down a ladder into the deep water. It was wonderful as we were all very hot and sweaty. After a late dinner we went for a walk into the village. I couldn’t believe my eyes!!! There were hundreds of people walking around looking at the small shops that were all still open , children running around the square playing, people eating at street restaurants, drinking in bars and everyone else was sitting around talking, laughing and smoking (so many people smoke in Turkey…it’s quite unbelievable). This scene would’ve been fine if it was 9pm but it was close to midnight!!! Apparently, this is usual every night in summer until 1am because it is just too hot to be out and about during the day.