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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 21 Aug 2008

Location: Kaş, Turkey

MapThursday 21 August

Today we had time out and spent most of the day relaxing. We all read or went on the computer until the afternoon. We walked around the village square then swam in the slightly cooler late afternoon. We walked to the top of a small hill and watched the sun set over the mountains.

22 –Frid Kaş: Boat trip

This morning we woke early and after a quick breakfast travelled half an hour by bus to a small harbour at a local village. We spent the rest of the day cruising on a small boat with about 12 other people (Turkish, Brittish, Asian, Italian and us) around a number of small islands. We all jumped off the boat and swam about 5 times during the cruise. We also walked around a small village where the locals survıve from the tourist dolar. Maree and I bought very simple scarf dresses for around 15 AU dollars; to go over our swimmers…’cause they’re completely see through! We also swam next to a natural spring near some rocks on a different island. The spring water was absolutely freezing!! People lived on these islands about 2 and a half thousand years ago. Because of several earthquakes an ancient city on one of the many islands had almost completely sunk. Due to the crystal clear aqua water we could see the remains of ancient buildings as well as broken pots and other clay objects. Included in the cruise was a delicious lunch consisting of several traditional Turkish dishes, fruit and tea. Apart from some sunburn on our shoulders and backs, we had a fantastic day!

We got back from the cruise in time to enjoy the sunset with a cold beer, local cheese and snacks from the top of a small ancient Greek ampitheatre. The two thousand year old ampitheatre was in such amazing condition and it faced the sea only 100 metres away. It was wonderful! A truly memorable occasion. Ahhh…sigh….hope I’m not making anyone jealous!!!