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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 23 Aug 2008

Location: Fethiye, Turkey

MapSaturday 23 August

After travelling by bus to Fethiye; another 4 hour bus ride, we caught a smaller local bus and after another hour arrived at Sakklikent Gorge. Again we had an amazing experience! Over millions of years water had carved out a 16 kilometre gorge inside really high mountains. At the start of the walk everyone has to wade through a metre high surge of freezing water pouring down from inside the mountains. Young boys rush to hold the hands of the tourists and without realizing it, you have walked into the sights of a professional photographer who has a very lucrative business taking photos of unsteady, laughing, happy people (Yes, we did end up buying the two photos of us as we crossed this rocky uneven section of the walk!).

The gorge walk was fantastic! We took it really slowly as there were many very slippery, tricky bits. We started the walk around 5pm and got back just before dark, at around 8pm. Maree and I were very proud of ourselves as we made it to the end…about 4 kilometres (as far as you could go without using ropes!). Almost everyone who passed us were young fit guys! Maree and I were very lucky to have Ron and Bradley who helped us to get up high rocks and to slide down (a bit like a slippery dip) slippery slopes.

When we got back to the start the last bus had left at 7pm. Woops!! We decided to have dinner next to the rushing water at a restaurant that had many little candle lit tables with carpet and cushions buılt on platforms actually over the water. We all had local trout costing about 10 AU dollars. We managed to pay a local restaurant owner to drive us back to our hotel. We paid him $60, instead of $20 for all of us on the local bus! Oh well…what can you do!!