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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 24 Aug 2008

Location: Fethiye, Turkey

MapSunday 24 August

Today we relaxed at our hotel during the heat of the day. Bradley reminded Ron and I how to play Backgammon, and he taught Maree. It’s a great game of strategy! About 5pm (again because it was just too hot !) Bradley took us to a 400 year old deserted Greek village (a photographer’s dream…especially at this time of the day!). From here we went on about a 6 kilometre bush walk over the top of a mountain then down to the sea. The walk reminded me of the many bush walks I’ve been on both in Australia and New Zealand. When we finally reached the beach it was 9pm. We quickly stripped off and waded into the warm sea. This was truly bliss! Maree didn’t want to swim maybe because it was dark. There are no sharks in the Mediterranean and we have swum in the dark on numerous occasions. I told Maree the water was like ‘heaven’! Brad and I stayed in the water for more than half an hour. We just couldn’t get out!! So another wonderful day