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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 25 Aug 2008

Location: Pamukkle, Turkey

MapMonday 25 August

Today we travelled by bus from Fethiye to Pamukkle which took about 4 hours. We arrived about 1pm at our hotel which was run by friends of Brad's. It was so hot...probably close to 40 degrees! After a cooling swim in the hotel's pool (natural mineral water fed by a spring), we ate a late lunch under the shade of a massive grapevine with delicious ripe grapes dangling above our heads, then headed out to ancient Roman ruins where St John was crucified (upsidedown apparently) for preaching. All these ruins are amazing. They are so old!!! There was a large ampitheatre at the site where gladiators fought! I can't believe we are seeing all of this! The ancient city was built on this site because of the natural healing properties of the springs in the area.

Just before dark we walked to the White Terraces which are just below the ruins. Here over thousands of years calcium deposits have built up forming large areas that look just like snow, as well as pale blue pools of water. It was really beautiful just on sunset. We were allowed to walk on some of the terraces with barefeet. Another great experience!