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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 28 Aug 2008

Location: Samos, Greece

Map28 August Thursday

Today we left on a 2 hr ferry ride to Greece. We were all very excited! Halfway across the Agean Sea there was a terrible noise at the front of the boat and every passenger (accept Maree!)
looked very worried. The crew ran to the bow of the boat. Then there was an aweful scraping sound.

Then the boat came to a complete stop. The captain was talking on the radio and all the crew looked very concerned.
Anyway after 20mins we continued on our journey.

Apparently the connection for the anchor chain broke and the anchore fell into the sea and was scraping against the hull at full speed. Many of our fellow passengers looked really concerned and when I spoke to one scared looking man he told me he couldn't swim! We all thought the anchor could have damaged the bottom of the boat! It was quite tense for about 15 minutes.
The hundred or so passengers were all very quiet!

Then the crew stated smiling, laughing nervously and talking amongst was at that moment that we knew we were out of danger.

After our eventful crossing we disembarked onto the small Greek island of Samos. It was a very pretty place with small blue and white wooden boats bobbing up and down in the small crescent shaped harbour. The scene looked like the pages of a beautiful calendar.

Just before sunset we all swam at a little beach near the harbour. The water was way cooler than the Mediterranean because of the currents but so clear and refreshing.