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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 31 Aug 2008

Location: Naxos, Greece

Map31 August

After a 50 minute ferry ride from Mykonos we arrived at our next destination, the island of Naxos. Naxos was not as picturesque as the other islands but it was still very interesting.

We stayed for three nights on Naxos. The first day we relaxed in our very nice hotel. We all stayed together in a big room that was self contained. We actually bought some groceries and had cereal for breakfast as well as home cooked noodles for dinner. It was actually a nice change from eating out! We caught up on some washing and Bradley went wind surfing in the afternoon.

On the second day we hired two buggies on Brad's expired driver's licence...We forgot to bring ours! We drove all around the island looking at 500 BC temples and 1000 year old churches. It was lots of fun! I now have a greater understanding of Ryan's new hobby of Gokarting!! We thought of you would have loved it!

We took turns of driving except for Maree. One of the buggies was way more difficult to steer! We drove up and down a few small mountains, including through the traffic in the main part of town. That was a bit tricky with cars and motorbikes to keep away from plus we were driving on the opposite side of the road. Going around roundabouts was quite a challenge!!

At one stage when I was driving with Bradley...after following Ron and Maree, we took a wrong turn. As I was about to reverse and turn around, about 8 young boys, aged between 10 and 15yrs, suddenly ran at our buggy from up the street and grabbed onto it to stop us from moving. The oldest boy was weilding a replica toy gun. At first it was a bit of fun, but then the kids started to get more serious...even though it appeared to be a big game.

Brad and I laughed at first but then they tried to take the car keys out of the ignition and all pulled the buggy so I couldn't reverse. These ferrel children ran to the back and I was worried they would run off with my bag. Brad got out of the car and tried to chase them away but one of these delightful little kids threw a stone that hit Brad in the stomach. Bradley started to get quite angry and chased the ring leaders back up the street.

Then an old man from the village came along and even though he couldn't understand a word I said, he could see by my gestures and the tone of my voice that I was not very happy. He spoke harshly to the remaining boys, one of whom had a handful of stones ready to throw at us as soon as we took off. I'm sure some of them would have been severely spoken to or given a wack by their parents if the old fella told on them. It was only a tiny village! It was quite a nasty experience and one that could have got quite out of hand. I was glad I was with Brad and not Maree!