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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Sep 2008

Location: Santorini to Athens, Greece


We left Santorini after 3 nights on a large "Blue Star" ferry. As this was our last ferry trip we decided to upgrage to first class for an extra $20 Euro per person (about $30 Aust). it was a great trip as we had comfortable chairs,a couple of small round tables, a large TV screen (with a British movie showing!) and our own first class bar!

As we made our way from the port I took many photos looking back at the island. Santorini is certainly an amazing place! I doubt there would be any other place in the world like it. The soaring cliffs, volcanic rock and small white houses balancing on the
cliff edges make the whole place spectacular.

Anyway, after farewelling Santorini, we settled in for the night.
We bought some takeaway spaghetti for dinner, had a beer and played cards ("Contract"!).

After a very smooth 8 hour trip our ferry finally docked at Athens at midnight. All the passengers on foot (like us) queue up to get to the bottom of the ferry to grab bags, backpacks and suitcases stored on racks right next to all the vehicles. It's quite chaotic as the cars, motorbikes and trucks of all sizes are also driving off the ferry right next to all the pedestrians who are wrestling with their bags etc...and each other! At the same time the ferry staff are yelling and directing the whole show and in spite of the commotion,
nobody is injured and everyone disembarks, I was going to say,'safely'...but rather in one piece!! There was even a black hearse on our ferry complete with black-suited driver and coffin!

To be continued...