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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Friday, 05 Sep 2008

Location: Athens, Greece


So...We found ourselves at the dock at Athens at around 12.30am without a hotel booking.(This was only the second time this had happened!)
After walking a short distance we found the railway station and caught a train right into the middle of the city.
Brad and I left Ron and Maree minding all the bags at a park bench in a big open park next to Parliament House
where there was plenty of light and lots of people still out and about. Bradley had a map and a list of cheap hotels,
so after running around the middle of the city for over an hour, we finally found a clean, cheap hotel. Cheap, that is, by Athen's
standards! It cost us 130 Euros (about $200 Aust) per night for 2 adjoining rooms. It was about 2 1/2 stars but included
air conditioning and breakfast. We finally got settled about 3.30am!!