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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Monday, 08 Sep 2008

Location: Delphi, Greece

MapWe arrived in Delphi about 6.30pm just in time to walk around the town in the cool of the late afternoon.

Delphi was an ancient civilization 500-600 BC where the God Apollo was worshipped and it was regarded as the centre of the world in ancient times. At this time in Delphi, the Oracle, a female prophecy, sat on a tripod (stool) above a crack in the earth where some kind of fumes were emitted and told people's fortunes. Apparently, her prophesies were very weird and no-one really understood them...probably because she was "high" on whatever it was she was breathing!! However, she was taken very seriously. In fact, a famous married Emperor who had as his lover an extremely handsome 17year old boy, was told by the Oracle that either he or his lover boy would have to die. The young lad so loved the older man, plus was very aware of his status as Emperor, that he jumped into the river Nile and drowned himself. The Emperor was devastated so he erected statues of the handsome teenager all over Greece and Rome. (We saw a couple of these statues and the young boy was really beautiful.) It's quite a sad story.