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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 09 Sep 2008

Location: Meteora, Greece

MapThe next day we headed off again at 3.30pm after more sight seeing of the ancient ruins at Delphi, including temples, a theatre and the most intact sports stadium of its kind anywhere in the world (over 2500 years old).

We travelled for 30 minutes then had to change buses, then a 3 hour journey up and down and around huge, steep, rugged mountains and another change of buses, then a final 30 minutes, arriving at our destination, Meteora, around 8pm. Then we walked with all our bags (including a very heavy bronze souviner from Delphi!) uphill to our hotel, about 20 minutes away. Luckily there was a Taverna (tavern) next door to our hotel, so after a beer, a quick dinner and showers, we headed to bed.