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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 10 Sep 2008

Location: Meteora (Kalambaka), Greece

Today we explored Meteora (meaning "raised up"),an amazing geographical area consisting of several massive rocky outcrops of unknown origin. Tourists from all over the world flock to this area, not so much to see the natural geographic features, but rather the many 14th century Greek Orthodox Monasteries and Nunneries perched on top of them! There would be nothing like this anywhere in the world! It's incredible to think how these 700 year old religious sanctuaries were constructed! How did the "architects" acquire
the knowledge so many years ago...without a 4 year university degree?! This applies to all the ancient buildings and structures
in Turkey, Syria and Greece we have been so privileged to see. And all over the world for that matter! We have certainly gained respect for the people of ancient civilizations for their imagination, skills and abilities, especially those from BC. We believe our modern society, especially the last 2 hundred years, is way more advanced than any other in history when in fact, considering the lack of
technology, many of these ancient civilizations were considerably advanced for their time.

We visited 2 Monasteries and 1 Nunnery and walked a few kilometres (about 5) in the process. (We always try to walk everywhere we go to save money on taxies. Maree, Ron and I have become quite fit and have hopefully lost some weight!)