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Team Turkey’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Sep 2008

Location: Istanbul, Turkey

MapAbout 10am after arriving in Istanbul, we walked about 2 minutes to the tram station. We were all about to jump on a tram when there was a bit of drama. Maree was in front so she got on the tram first. Suddenly without any warning the tram doors shut before the rest
of us could get on. Woops! Luckily we had time to mime to a concerned Maree to go to the last station, about 4 stops away. Then the tram raced off! Fortunately another tram came only a couple of minutes later and we found Maree waiting for us on a seat. She looked quite relieved! Bradley's flat is at the beginning/end of the tram line.

When we arrived at Brad's flat we had a welcomed cup of tea, showered, packed a small day pack each and headed off again at 2.45pm for Cannakale (Gallipoli). We caught a tram (20mins) and then a train (another 20mins) before arriving at probably the biggest bus station in the world. It was huge with hundreds of buses!

At 4.30pm we left on a big coach for the last leg of our trip. After 5 1/2 hours we crossed the Dardenelles on a big car ferry and finally arrived at our hotel about 11pm. Since leaving Meteora we had been travelling for about 33 hours, including the 4 hour break at Brad's flat.

To be continued...