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JCD’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 19 Apr 2014

Location: France

MapFirst opportunity to update for a while and now have to use a weird keyboard so this will be the short version. We arrived safely in London from Edinburgh. Hotel room was absolute crap and someone needs to revise their definition of spacious but we did not let that stop us from having a good time. We purchased hop on hop off (or hohos) bus tickets as these are good value when you are time limited. Two day pass gives you 48 hours, free walking tours and a free themes cruise. We only used the cruise due to the walking tour times. We also bought tickets on the London Eye which gave a great overview of the city.
We left London in great anticipation of our first night in Paris as we were to do our river cruise, dinner at the Eiffel tower and Moulin Rouge only to find that our train was delayed due to a fatality on the line in France. We were hours late arriving in Paris and missed out on the whole lot. We have made numerous calls trying to get some help with it but there was nothing qnyone could do. Our timing is terrible because it is easter holidays here so very busy. We were bitterly disappointed but have made the best of it. We have ventured out on the metro rail system and got to see an amazing out and I think we have walked 500 miles. A nice tour guide took pity on us and got a discounted river cruise for us which was really good. The hotel staff here have been wonderful so that has been a bonus. L'hotel de la tour d'Avergne is quite well situated qnd within walking distance of Monmartre and there are plenty of restaurants etc close by. Again extremely expensive so we have been picky about what we pay to see. We are off to Amsterdam tomorrow. It would be lovely to see some messages on the page so we know someone is reading it.