Lucy French’s Travel Diary

Monday, 18 Aug 2008

Location: Miami, USA

MapAfter a thankfully uneventful flight on Qantas from Melbourne to LA, I boarded a crazy chaotic American airlines flight which was packed full with Americans unaware of hand baggage restrictions. People were lugging on huge suitcases (and nobody stopped them)and we were packed to the gunnels. As as we got close to Miami the flight started to get bumpy. No wonder, there were layers of dark huge storm clouds, right up to 39,000 feet waiting for us. Miami was on hurricane alert - just my luck!!!! A wonderful feat by the captain, enbled us to land safely.

After virtually no sleep for over 20 hours, I headed for what I thought was going to be a luxury boutique hotel in downtown Miami, with a late check out so I could have a decent sleep in. On arrival I discovered my 5 star hotel tuned out to be a very run down 3 star art deco style establishment (just goes to show how you can't trust what you see on a website). What the heck, it didn't matter because all I wanted to do was sleep. After knocking myself out with sleeping tablets I slept for 10 glorious hours, waking up at 1.00 pm (local time).

It's now 4.00 pm Miami time on 18 August and Miami remains on hurricane alert. I've just come back from a walk to the local patisserie and there's no one on the streets because everyone has been advised to stay home. It's really eerie, the school and offices are all closed. So farI don't think it's much of a hurricane but more like a big rain storm.

Going by the latest news the hurricane front will bypass Miami (thankgoodness) but it will get the edge of the storm. We fly out tonight (all being well) so the next time you read this page, I should be writing from Peru!!