Lucy French’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Oct 2008

Location: Keswick, Lakes district, UK

MapAfter an abysmal day of torrential rain, today the sun shone broke through and at last we could get up on the walking tracks and enjoy the amazing scenery that surrounds Keswick.

Today my friend Rose and I decided to climb Cats Bells, which I've done twice before, but I'd forgotten how steep the climb was, but it was worth it. From the top (which took about an hour and a half to climb) you had the most amazing 360 degree view of the Lakes District. From Bassenthwaite Lake to the north, Lake Derwent directly below, Grizedale Pike to the West and Hellvellyn to the East. Stunning scenery, reminiscent of parts of New Zealand. However, although the sun was out, it was bitterly cold and I was glad that I'd bought my new gortex jacket, which kept me nice and snug. I reckon it was a steal at £140! (Well what do you do when it's raining cats and dogs - go shopping of course, at one of the 32 walking shops in Keswick).

Anyway we made it up to the top and then we had to scramble all the way down along horrible scree, which was vicious on the feet. Because of all the recent rain, all the slate was loose and it was easy to end up going all the way down on your bum. Luckily both of us made our way down upright, but only just. some kind gentleman took pity on me towards the bottom of the track and let me lean against him at the worst section of the path.

We finished the track through beautiful woodland, then it was back to the apartment for a hot cuppa!

I think my legs are going to ache like crazy tomorrow, mainly from the walk down Cats Bells. If we knew it was going to be so treacherous, I think we would have retraced our steps and gone back the way we came.

Tomorrow we are going to do something less strenuous - and I think we'll walk around Buttermere, or perhaps go to Rydal Water and walk up to the Loughrigg Tarn. Again it will depend on the weather which is very changeable at the moment so we have to make the best of it while we can.

Only two more days in the Lakes then we are off to the Yorkshire Dales, where I'll eventually land in Leeds, my home town. I haven't been to Leeds for over 20 years but I do plan to visit old friends.

By the way have you check out the photos I loaded up recently?
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