Lucy French’s Travel Diary

Friday, 17 Oct 2008

Location: Leeds, Yorkshire, UK

MapYesterday was very special, I returned to the home that I grew up in Alwoodley and discovered it was still being much loved by the present family. I walked through Alwoodley walks taking loads of photos to show my sisters, and found that the woods had not changed in all these 35 years. They were still a wonderful retreat from the outside world.

The house itself has changed of course, mostly renovated except for strangely my parent's old bedroom which was kept as a junk room. It was like walking into a time warp, the old built in wardrobes were still there, although the paint had faded, along with the original carpet and curtains. Freaky! However, the family doesn't use it because it has a strange smell! But soon that will change because they plan to completely renovate the house, build an extra story (into the loft), extend the house and rearrange many of the rooms. So it's going to be interesting because the house may look the same from the outside but it will be virtually gutted from the inside.

I like what they have done to the garden. Instead of lots of small gardens separated by hedgerows, they have taken out the hedges and all the small flower beds and created one huge garden which is wonderful for their children. They still have the summer house but it has been moved into one of the corner's of the garden, sadly it is now a bit delapidated. Again lots of photos were taken and they were be loaded onto the website when I get the opportunity.

Next it was off to see an old family friend Pat Kaye and her daughter Sarah, and Pat's new grandaughter, Ruby. We did a lot of reminiscing over lots of cups of tea and it was a fabulous reunion.

Today I caught up with an old friend Pam Young, and we went to Riply Castle for morning tea and betty's in Harrogate for lunch. Again many stories were shared.

I'm staying with old friends Sandra and Tony Moss who live in the village of Huby outside of Harrogate. It has been absolutely wonderful catching up with them and tonight we are off to have fish and chips at Bryan's in Headingly.

One surprise (this is for my sisters), they have moved Leeds Girl High School. It has now been amalgamated into one co-ed school which is located at Alwoodley Gates on Wigton Lane. They have sold the headingly site, and the school is there no more. I've driven past the new school and it is enormous. I guess it is an end of an era.