Lucy French’s Travel Diary

Monday, 03 Nov 2008

Location: Lake Como, Italy

MapThe last three days at Lake Como have been remarkable. I've been attending a three day event called Eurogate, run by wise world seminars - a US based organisation that runs network care chiropractic and SRI events around the world. Over 250 people attend the gate from all around the world including France, Sweden, Norway, Spain, USA, Canada, the UK, Australia and Italy. The idea is to work with a professional team of chiropractors and SRI facilitators who enable you to become aware of and transform old physical, mental and emotional energy and patterns held in the spine. When the old energy is transformed, that's when the work gets exciting because you can retrieve a new level of vitality and health that can be life changing.

Anyway this is the work of Donny Epstein and believe me, you are going to hear a lot more about him in the future.

A thrilling moment for me was on the first night at a halloween costume party. This is when I won first prize with my designer skeleton 'cat' suit, which I'd spent weeks working on. Although the prize may not mean much to most people reading this page a few will be excited, because I got to win all my six entrainments on the table with Donny. Normally at a Gate you get to have one entrainment with Donny and the rest you have with one of the other 8 practitioners in the room (who like Donny, are working on up to 6 people at any one time). So my Gate became an equivalent of an AWE (A weekend with Epstein) or an HIP (Healing in Paradise)!

Everyone works really hard at a Gate. You start at about 8.00 am and don't finish until around 10.30 pm. You never get outside the front door, so that's why I wanted to stay on in Como and see the sights, but guess what as soon as the Gate finished the weather came in. It's now freezing and rain is just pouring down, but is that going to stop me - of course not.

So today I took the water taxi and went into Como town from Cernobbio and had a good look around. One thing about Italy you can get a great cup of coffee and fabulous patisseries, even if it's raining!

Tomorrow I'm going to explore Bellagio, which is apparently very beautiful and then the next day I may be take a short train ride to Lugano in Switzerland, which is just over the mountain, to have a look around. Then I'll return to Milan where I'll fly out to see my good friends who live in Norway.

To get back to Milan I will have to re-negotiate the train system, which is chaotic. But I made it from Linate airport to Milan by local bus and from Milan station to Como by train, so I have no doubt I can do it the reverse way around, I will just need to keep my wits about me.

PS I've just looked at my previous entry and I didn't tell you about the actual film screening of Easy Virtue with the Q&A session Colin Firth. My sister Maggie made sure we sat three rows from the front and in the middle. I can assure you I was looking Colin Firth right in the eyes and he is just as gorgeous as he appears on screen and very real. The movie was also fabulous, based on a play by Noel Coward, but with a lot of script changes.

The day after the BAFTA screening, Maggie took me to the fabulous penthouse at the top of New Zealand House in London to attend the launch of a book by Maggie Eyres, a well known communications consultant who worked for theNZ prime minister. The night was especially memorable because I got to meet some fabulous people including the outrageous Richie who has been Maggie Eyres life coach for years. On top of that he's a psychotherapist and an actor! Standing in a room full of New Zealanders was music to my ears - so much energy and vitality, it was a real breath of fresh air!

Last but not least I've booked my return flight for 18 November, so hang on to your hats because I'm coming back for some hard earned sunshine and that glorious vibrant blue sky that touches the heart and soul.