Lucy French’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 05 Nov 2008

Location: Como, Italy

MapSplish, splash, soggy, wet, windy. This should be glorious Italy, but it's not and I now understand why there are no tourists about. November is not the month to come and see Italy (Megan please note) ... most of the shops are closed, and all the beautiful villas I had hoped to see, are closed for the winter. But in my usual style I've been exploring and discovering new places.

Yesterday I set off on the train from Como to Lugano in Switzerland. Really it's only 50 minutes away. I'd completely forgotten that I was going to a different country and when I tried to pay with Euros on the local bus to visit one of the local chiros who had been at Eurogate, the driver just shook his head and let me have the trip for free. It was only later, when I tried to pay for my lunch with Euros that I realised I needed Swiss Francs. Luckily there was a bank opposite the pizza place, so I was able to change some Euros. So much for having a common currency across Europe!!!

This next bit of news is for the network/SRI fans - my six entrainments with Donny Epstein at the Gate was damned hard work and having two further entrainments with Dominique Hort in Lugano was the icing on the cake. This guy is truly amazing. He took me from stage 1 to stage 10 in two entrainments, moving energy through gateways I never knew existed before. I was on cloud nine by the time I left his place, but I must admit it was hard to not put my feet on the ground as I walked back in the soaking rain to the bus stop. If you ever get to a Gate in Como or to Switzerland - see this man - he is something else!! Plus, he has an SRI facilitator working with him in the room at the same time as doing the entrainments, so if extra help is needed during the entrainment she's on hand, and then he comes back to you to complete the entrainment. You're not going to believe me but he was working in the room with two other network practitioners and I counted up to 18 people being worked on at any one time, so the room was really cooking. Between entrainments you can enjoy relaxing in their waiting room which has three tables and four lounges with foot rests.

The only downside was trying to find the place, which is in a residential district, but luckily (and here's the beautiful synchronicity), the woman in the tourist information at Lugano station, when I asked her about the bus to the village of Comano (where Dominique's practice is) she guessed where I was going because she has been going to his practice for ten years. So she was able to give me the low down on the easiest way to find his place from the bus stop.

Tomorow I'm off to Milan for an overnight stay and then it's Norway, where I'm sure I'll see lots of snow!!!!