Lucy French’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 06 Nov 2008

Location: Milan, Italy

MapI finally made it to Milan, after a very nervous train journey from Como. You see they cancelled my train but you can't get on another one unless your ticket is correct, so I kept waiting for the train to arrive, but not sure which one was the correct one. Finally I took the plunge and found myself heading for somewhere, luckily most trains stop at Milan if you go in the right direction!!! If I'd stayed on the train I'd ended up in Florence, which was very appealing, but I decided I'd wait until the next time I was in Italy to do that.

Milan after Como, is hectic and full of very very expensive shops, including Prada, Louis Vitton, etc.

I finally found an internet cafe that wouldn't cost me an arm and a leg but the strange this is you can't use the internet without them taking a copy of your passport. What the!!!!

It's finally stopped raining after the most enormous storm that raged for hours last night.

So tomorrow it's Norway........