Lucy French’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 15 Nov 2008

Location: Oslo, Norway

MapI feel so excited and yet so sad to be leaving Oslo today. I have had such a fabulous time, met so many interesting people and also had some truly remarkable new opportunities come my way. Couldn´t sleep last night because it all went rattling through my head.

I can´t believe it (but I should know better from a network perspective), but my whole life has completely changed over the past 3 months and especially in the past 2 weeks. Starting with staying with my sister Maggie in London and meeting fabulous new people at various events she took me to, then going to the Transformational Gate with Donny Epstein at Lake Como (that was the real ground breaker). But since Como and my further two entrainments with Dominique Hort in Lugano, my energy has shifted beyond ever I could have imagined. I held some private counselling sessions for people in Norway and they were out of this world, better than I have ever done before, and gave me a whole new perspective on how I will be working with individuals in the future. Plus my friends from Norway run a business that uses Theatre Dialogue to anchor in new safety behaviours in large companies and we are now discussing how to extend that methodology to other organisational issues. And that´s where I come in. And there´s more .... but I won´t write about it yet until it becomes more concrete. I have a feeling I will be doing a lot of travelling in the years to come, although I think I will call Australia my base.

By the way I have also come to deeply appreciate how lucky we really are in Australia. We think the price of petrol is high, you should try buying it in the UK or Europe. The cost of living is at least twice as much as Australia, and I am so enormously grateful that in the words of the famous man- I can call Australia home. But I now feel I have more than one home. I have a home in England, and a home in Norway, and this feels like I have an extended family. I feel I am part of an extended community. I´ve never felt like that before, and I love it.

Although yesterday was foggy and wet, today the clouds have cleared and the sky is blue. It gives a totally different perspective on the Oslo skyline. The apartment that I have been staying in is right in the equivalent of the docklands, and you can see the car ferries come in every day and dock. You can see the new opera house, and it only takes a quick tram ride, or a 10 minute walk to be right in the heart of Oslo city.

I find the Norwegians similar to Australians once you get to know them. They are full of energy, have a positive outlook on life and very friendly. I am told they are shy at first, but I had already met Maiken and her husband Chris in Peru before I arrived, but we have had a friendship that will last a lifetime (or more)!

So today it´s back to London and a quick catch up with family and friends, before flying out to sunny Australia. I´m looking forward to some warmth and sunshine as it is now winter and frankly it´s freezing. But my trip to Norway has warmed and opened my heart enormously. I´ll be back very soon......