Lucy French’s Travel Diary

Monday, 17 Nov 2008

Location: London, England

MapWell, I can't believe it, but the time has almost arrived for me to return back to Australia.

The trip has been awesome, especially in the last couple of weeks. I'm now experiencing the results of attending the Gate in Como with Donny Epstein and the team, and my life is completely changing. A whole new direction is already waiting for me, with so many opportunities already coming my way.

It feels like I've been through some kind of rebirth process, which has been enabled by taking this time off and doing what I needed to do. I am SO GLAD that I trusted my intuition and instincts. I am so glad that I gave this gift to myself. I am so glad that everything fell into place and I was able to trust the process.

Only now can I start seeing the bigger picture, of a series of events that started back in January of this year.

I love Donny Epstein's work, it is life changing. I am so grateful to both John Hare of Tree of Life in Kew, and Steve Katz at Infinite Potential on the Gold Coast, and all the wonderful SRI people, including Julie Clements and Liz Kelly who didn't know it, but truly helped me on this journey of discovery and integration.

Thanks to to Fiona Marsden in Wimbeldon, Dominique Hort in Lugano, to Donny of course and his wonderful wife Jackie, to everyone on the team at Wise World, and the remarkable practitioners who are doing the most amazing job in transforming people's lives.

This work is so exceptional, and because of it I am now attracting a whole lot of new opportunities, and a new direction in my career and life in general. So watch this space people, because there's a lot more to come.

I feel that I am jumping out of my skin writing this because the transformation is so unexpected and yet so timely.

So this page has almost come to an end. I will load up more photos when I get back to Australia and I may decide whether to continue it, just so that everyone can keep track of the new opportunities that are emerging.

Thanks too, to all my friends that I met in Peru, and especially to Maiken and Chris in Oslo who made me so welcome and have given me such a wonderful opportunity, that I can't wait to work with them.

Thank you too, to all my good friends, Helen, Sandra and Tony, Pam, Ali and Graham, Rose, and all the new people I've met, which are too many to mention, but a special thanks to Doreen in Hampthswaite for letting me work on my costume for the Gate, and because of this I won first prize.

A very big hug and thanks to my big sister Maggie, for putting me up in London and taking me to such wonderful events, including the screening of Easy Virtue and the Q&A with Colin Firth, who sat three rows directly in front of me.!!!! Because of my sister I have also met a number of other people who I will endup working with. So it has been a very eventful stay all round.