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Jess05’s Travel Diary

Monday, 01 Sep 2008

Location: Prague, Czech Republic

MapWe arrived in Prague today, for a much needed more "relaxing" stay after a few days in Ibiza. Fun times were had, but its interesting to say the least.

The first day we arrived in Ibiza thinking oh my goodness what have we done to ourselves. Our entire hotel was full of pommie gits, don't get me wrong it was a refreshing change from the 100's of Aussie travellers we've been meeting. But whoah. Checked into our somewhat dodgy hotel, so Josie may have had a wardrobe door fall onto her and a shower head fall in the bathtub, but nothing too serious.

We spent the afternoon lazing in the sun before purchasing our FATBOY SLIM TICKETS!! for a mere 50 euros might I add. So had a few g and t's care of our 20 degree hotel fridge, we couldnt understand the language barrier but basically understood from the handyman that came to fix allllllll of our faults that "girls that's as good as it gets".

This is the part where I admit i KARKED it about half an hour before fatboy slim came out, it was 5am when that happened might I add. It only starts happening at about 3am Ibiza time. We watched a set by Too Many DJ's and the whole club was an eye opener, water set us back 8euros and 20euros for spirit mixers pahhah. This club was HUGGGGGE, and put on a real burlesqueish, moulin rouge show with topless girls and very very nice boys :) so we well and truly got our money's worth.

Spent a whole day in recovery mode tanning by the pool, Josie got some "colour" not much else to report, except an attempted theft! [insert ohhhh here]. A guy was roller blading down the hill we were walking up and as he approached tried to subtly nab Josie's bag... luckily her quick reflexes saved the day. There may have been some language (#(%)@. She's still going on about it today!!! Had a lovely dinner on the Cafe del Mar strip, and enjoyed a pretty sunset and multiple sangrias (no still not over them).

Yesterday we hired a jeep (sounds cooler but it was a suzuki vitara) and went round the island. I was main driver but we all tried a hand at music and navigation and our roles were soon set. josie - not navigation, me driving and teneeka was good dj. Found a quaint little spot down a massive decent, for a second we thought our vitara would go over. Had a sweeeet lunch by the beach at a little family restaurant, met some expats now living in Ibiza who picked our accent and wondered how we'd managed to find it! They recommended a place for a Sunday session called The Blue Marlin.

So after a few more beers (no drink driving policy here - however we were responsible) we headed to check it out. AMAZING. like the left bank or cott, but on the beach. Large round beds with people getting served drinks, people had their dogs (and one cat - VERY STRANGE) so we chilled here for a few hours before attempting to find our way back to our bay in the dark. Proved quite easy.

So the group split today which was a bit of a downer, Teneeka was throwing up this morning and probably picked up a virus from Kesh who missed her flight and staying the night in our Schmicko digs.

Sorry its been a long one, but we've had 4 big days to make up.
Till next time, I'll promise to keep it short!