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Jess05’s Travel Diary

Friday, 12 Sep 2008

Location: Split, Croatia

MapIts been a while since our last update (again apologies), we last spoke from Prague... I think??...

So that last news that I would have mentioned was that we were due to fly out of Prague on the 6th for Sail Croatia departing at 1pm that day. So Josie and I may or may not have had a big night, rolled into our hostel at 3am and set our alarms to wake up at 5am. On our way to the tram stop to the airport we decided (probably a bit inopportune) to check our flight details. It was leaving at 6am (not 8.05am like we'd expected). We said a few words (think you can guess) before bailing a taxi and asking him to speed his way to the airport to try and make it. We then realised on closer inspection the flight was actually 2 days earlier... Yes we were well and truly in holiday mode, not checking flights anymore we're so complacent.

So at Prague airport we're doing our own Amazing Race competing against the clock to get a flight to Split before missing the boat. *cringe worthy* $1200 return flights to Dusseldorf, Germany connecting later, we've booked tickets and are guaranteed to make it. hahhaha We CAN laugh about it now. Only just! So as you can imagine, Josie's birthday was a blast!!!! We had to make up for it once we arrived on the boat... that we actually missed after all that.
Caught a 2hr bus to the first stop at Markaska and by that stage with a few beers in hand we were well and truly relaxed.

Its been a great week on the boat, partying most nights. Our boat has a group of 25 from London (Aussie and NZer roomies and friends) but they've actually been great organising dinners, and putting in money for cheese and nibbly platters to hang out on the boat. We've met some great people, and I've met one particularly nice guy and had a Sail Croatia relationship hehe (wink wink, nudge nudge - more info at a later date!)

The boat has ported in Split tonight, then we fly out for a couple of nights in Dubrovnik before heading to Barcelona and home. I'm just settled in holiday mode, not happy about returning now. :(