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Jess05’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Sep 2008

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

MapHere we are again in Dubrovnik, for another two days after the Sail croatia. We went into old town this morning and did the walk around of the city walls. Weather is raining... correct raining and forecast is the same for the next couple of days. Very disappointing as were staying at a fantastic place Dubrovnik Backpackers Club, where were actually living with a family, they have a communal kitchen upstairs where Milka (Mama) makes us breakfast and snacks, and Papa is basically just responsible for handing out toxic welcome shots.

We were hoping to take a trip down to Bosnia today, the familyś son also a part of the hostel setup takes a group of about 8 for a snorkelling trip, food type adventure. We fly back out to Barcelona tomorrow arvo, so are basically just chilling in our "home" watching dvds and enjoying being able to load photos to the net without frustration. Check out facebook as Ive posted them there. Too hard to do both.

This will probably be one of our last updates before we come back because theres not much more to report. So well see you all very soon.

xox jess and jose, signing off!