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Adam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 19 Sep 2008

Location: Beijing, China

MapThanks everyone for my birthday wishes to date, and don't forget Kathryn's on Sunday.

Another hectic day today, sorry how can it be we are on holidays and having a ball.

I can not remember what we put in the last message, but we had a quiet night last night inpreparation for a big day today.

Kathryn had arranged a birthday present for me, which was a chinese cooking lesson. It was really good they came and picked us up from the hostel and off we went to the college?? It was only Kathryn and myself, the translator and the chef. He would show us what to do the first time and then we would do it. When I said that we would normally be drinking beer whilst cooking he dissapeared to come back with a few beers!! Cheers to Chan.

This took a couple of hours and the food we put out was pretty impressive if i say so my self. We got them to drop us off at the Temple of Heaven this place was pretty specky, it was used by the emperor to talk to heaven. I think all up the park was nearly 300 hectares. We spent a few hours here and then headed opff across the road to the pearl markets.

This place was as busy as the silk markets but the sales people were no where as pushy and rude. We got a few bargains in all I think 10 shirts and a belt for under $100 aussie.

Chill out tonight and then head off to our new hostel in the morning and meet up with our tour group. We are hoping to get out to the Summer Palace as well, but it is a little out of town.

Apologies about the photos but we will try again tonight and see how we go.

We hope everyone is well and will chat later. Not sure what the email access will be like from here on in but will do our best.