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Adam’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 20 Sep 2008

Location: Kings Joy Hotel, China

MapG'day, the Chinese really don't enjoy that as much as you would think. we don't think Steve Irwin is all that big here?

New place today, new China. We think where we have been staying and eating and visiting has been very westernised, this has now changed. we could have eaten our first dog today, but decided against, and settled for what we thought was chicken and beef. Three dishes for lunch and some drinks all up $12 aussie.

We had a sleep in this morning as we are still trying to get over the flight here. Once we packed up off on the subway to our new stop. It is still funny to see that there are so many Chinese people that must be in Beijing for the first time as they have little idea on how to use the ticket machines and get through the security checks and gates.

At our exit station was when we realised that we had finally found what we expected Beijing to be like, people everywhere, kind of like when they first open the doors at a myers stocktake sale, crazy. We worked it out that if I went first and Kathryn tucked in close behind that seemed to biounce off me and make a nice little clear path. This sounds really bad but imagine 1.3 billion people, and then trying to get noticed, they can be pushy and persistent, they get as good as they give.

SPIT..... It is quiet funny the first time you see grandma hock up the biggest gollie and let it fly at your feet, trust us only funny the first time!!

The new accomodation is very good, clean etc. Single beds again though. We went for a walk through the Hutongs today these are the old Beijing, very tight streets with lots of little shops, and little doorways through to we think peoples homes. See the pictures.

We wnt for a stroll through Tiannamen Square today as well, they were removing all of the Olympic/Paralympic displays, lots of people - tour groups, posing to thave their picture taken in front of Mao and the forbidden city. Security checks in and out, we are wondering if all of the security will start to drop off now that the games have finished??

We meet out tour group tonight and head off for some peking duck for dinner. Tomorrow we are off to the wall at Simatai, and the Forbiden City on Monday. We are hoping to get in the Summer Palace as well.

Kathryn's Birthday tomorrow so will have to find a cake and some candles.

We hope everyone is well and thanks for all of the messages, we really enjoy hearing from everybody and what you have all been up to.

Bye for now.