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Adam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 22 Sep 2008

Location: Beijing, China

MapBye Bye Beijing, We now depart you after a week of exploring and calling you our home.

It has been a great week here as we are getting ready to board the overnight train to Xian. We have seen some olympic moments, some great walls and amazing parks and palaces. We also managed to get our tour leader abducted by the police???

We are a little unsure of what to expect of our train ride ahaed but that is what tis trip is all about.

We actually got sunburnt today, yes i know the sun was out and the sky was nearly blue. We hit the Forbidden City today and we were given strict instructions not mention Tibet or the 1980's incidents as we walked through Tiannamen Square. The Forbidden city is an enourmous place that was built during the Ming Dynasty about 600 years ago. Most of the famous attractions in China were done during this time. It is to hard to expolain but hopefully the pictures will help show the enormity of this place.

What is difficult to uinderstand is that the Qing dynasty was th elast emperor in China and they were overthrown in the early 1920's. The descendents of the Emperor are now everyday people, all of their wealth and property was taken from them and they are in somewhat exile/hiding, from what our tour guide explained to us. Enough of the Chinese history.

From here we went to the Summer palace for the afternoon. We only had twp hours here so we hired a little motor boat to explore the massive lake. All up the park is 2.7 square kilometres, it was built yes you guessed it in the ming dynasty and was used by th emperess as a playground during the summer. So we cruised around at about a good doggy paddle and saw the park from the water.

We re still getting used to the fat tha tpeople keep starring at us and wanting to have their pictures taken with us or secretly snapping photos at any time, very funny stuff.

No photos this time will get some up when we hit Xian.

Again hope all is well.

Kathryn and Adam.