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Adam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 24 Sep 2008

Location: Xian, China

MapHi we are in Xian today probably best pronounced (she arn). It is totally different to what Beijing was like, kind of what we expected China to be like. It is a little dirty, lots of smog, our tour guide today tried to tell us that it was fog?? it ryhmes with fog but fog it is not.

We caught an overnight train down from Beijing, 6 people to a room probably a bit smaller than our bathroom. I couldn't lie flat on my back as the bed was not wide enough for my shoulders and arms. It was fairly comfortable though kind of like cruising in a boat a gentle rocking motion.

We arrived in Xian around 9am Tuesday morning. We saw the drum and bell tower, and rode a bike around the top of the city walls. It is about a 14km ride. The city itself is one of the oldest in China and the original city is completly surrounded by a 14 metre high wall with a moat in front of it. The wall is 18 metres wide, so it is a fairly dominating figure.

That night we went to hot pot which was quiet an interesting dinner. From here we watched a light and fountain show which was pretty amazing. We hope all of the photos turn out well. Today we went out to the terracotta army, and it was very impressive although the tour guide that was supposed to take our group around managed to lose half of us and the majority of the information was in chinese. So we made up what we thought they were trying to say.

We fly to to Yangshou tomorrow morning a 5am start. Keep the messages coming and will try and get some more photos on when we get to Yangshou.

Gumbai, (Cheers)

Adam and Kathryn