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Adam’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 01 Oct 2008

Location: Hong Kong

MapHi all,

Sorry we have not updated more recently but a bit hard to find internet access. Just a quick one, we are in Hong Kong at the moment, starting to recognise more foods which is nice and less people are looking at us. We went to Disneyland the other day which was pretty cool, and yesterday we went to Macau, which was an hours ferry ride across. It is the LAs Vegas of the East, apparently a table here turns over 10 times the equivalent in Vegas.

We went to the Venetian Casino, WOW!!! This place was amazing complete with its very own internal canal with singing gondola rides. The Casino floor was divided into four sections which we reckon all of Australia'a casino's could have fitted on to one!

Just grabbing some breakfast and making themost of the free internet. We have finally found a toasted ham and cheese sandwhich, yeah.

Off to Thailand tomorrow and we will hopefully get some pictures up there. I thkn we ar eup to around 1500 photos and about 12 hours of video footage. Just having a look around Hong KOng today going to catch the star fery and head out to Stanley.

It is Chinese national day today so they are having a fire works demonstration tonight which should be really good as long as we can find somewhere to see them through the crowds.

All the best,
Kathryn and Adam