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Adam’s Travel Diary

Friday, 03 Oct 2008

Location: Patong Beach, Thailand

MapHi all, and hello semi civilisation!! It is nice to back in a nice resort etcm and from we can work out able to drink to the tap water, will keep you noticed on that one though.

Hong Kong finished up well, not sure if we would rush back though??

Where we are at the moment is pretty nice, and convenient. we are heading to Phi Phi island tomorrow for the day of snorkellig and monkeys. We will also hopefully get a elephant trek in as well. Adam's diving might be on the go slow with a big thanks to China and their filthy air, and a big hello asthma again. Yes mum I am using the pulmicort!! I know lucky you made me take it!!

We have found everything outside of the hotel is at least half price so we are off shortly to find some dinner. We head off from here on Tuesday for a two night stop over in Bangkok and then back home. Will update this a after our trip with hopefully some cool pictures.

Ruby if we don't get back to this before your birthday have a wonderful day and we hope that you are feeling better. You will have to wait untill we get home to get your present.

Bye for now.