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Adam’s Travel Diary

Monday, 13 Oct 2008

Location: Ungarie, Australia

MapHome sweet home,

How good do we have it here, we don't think that you can really appreciate this untill you go to another country.

We will miss the smog, the crutchless pants and foul odours that come up from no where. We also really missed our night sky, we don't remember seeing any stars at all whilst we were away. Some days in Beijing we did not even see the sun.

The trip was amazing though a great experience and memories we will have for a long time. We now have to get to editing all of the video footage and pictures for everybody to see.

Thanks to everyone for keeping us up to date with what was hapening back home. Will get some more photos up on here at a later date once we get our heads around having to get up and go to work, agh!!

See you all soon.

Adam and Kathryn