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My Tour In Iraq’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 14 Aug 2008

Location: Somewhere in Iraq, Iraq

MapWell, I've finally found a site where I can share all the great pictures that I've taken of my journy here in Iraq. For those of you that don't know me, I'll give you a brief introduction. This is my 4th tour to Iraq, and no, I would have never believed I'd have made it through the first one much less come back for more. I started my journey in 2005 when I accepted a 6 month detail with the Gulf Region Division of the US Army Corps of Engineers. I left my home in April of 2005 where I spent most of my time in the holy City of Najaf. I was fortunate enough to visit the cities of Nasiriyah (the home of Abraham), Dewaniyah and visit the city of Hillah, home of the ancient City of Babylon. While I have a tremendous amount of photos from all my tours, you'll have to be patient while I upload them to the pages.

I spent the next 6 month on assignment with the Army Corps of Engineers in Louisiana as I worked on the devastation caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.

I returned to Iraq in September 2006 and am still here because I believe in what we're doing and the rewards that I get from what we're doing. I consider my hero's to be all the men and women that are here from our Armed Forces. I am grateful for their service and the sacrifices they make for our country.

I don't and won't discuss the politics of this war here, this is not what this site is for.

So please sit back and watch as my journey's unfold.