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My Tour In Iraq’s Travel Diary

Monday, 26 Jan 2009

Location: Mosul, Iraq

MapI'm guess I'm sort of a smartass at times...I enjoy pratical jokes and I tend to get carried away with them at times. We have a woman that works for HUD back in states that's currently working with us here. Kim is a great lady who rides Harleys and also has a friend back in Colorado that does the same. Well Kim and I decided to pull a little joke on her friend Linda never knowing how far it would get.....I had taken quite a few pictures while I was home on my R&R last July, some of them included me with the bike and out riding. Now, since Linda had never seen my bike we thought we'd spin a yarn about how I found it sitting behind some barn here and bought it for a mere $500.00. Just to add some flavor to the story I also had some pictures of me riding a motorcycle in Iraq during my 2005 tour. We edited the photos, put a couple of women in them and sent them off to Linda telling her we did a Mosul to Baghdad run once a week to drink beer and party. Now Linda, bless her heart swallowed it hook, line and sinker.......

While she thought it odd, we re-assured her that we did this once in awhile and if you drove fast enough you wouldn't get hit by any bullets. She believed it for a few weeks but then quickly realized that the pictures we had sent her were taken back in the states.

Linda, this one's for're a great sport......thanks for taking it in jest and keep your face in the wind hon.....