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My Tour In Iraq’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 24 Jan 2009

Location: Mosul, Iraq

MapIt's tough to shop here...even tougher when the big holidays are approaching. So, ever hopeful of finding something special for my wife and Valentines Day I ventured out on the base to see if I could find something. Yes, guys and gals we have a few stores on-base but the selection leaves alot to be desired or so I thought. Since my wife reads this blog I can't share with you what I got her right now but I can tell you that she'll enjoy it. My wife is always trying to get me to tell her what I buy her on her birthdays, Christmas, whatever holiday it is she'll try and get you to tell her. When I told her I'd bought her a serving tray to serve me breakfast in bed during my R&R's she didn't find it

I did.......

Only kidding hon, the boxes go out tomorrow so you should have them in time for Valentines Day sweetie

Love ya