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My Tour In Iraq’s Travel Diary

Wednesday, 11 Mar 2009

Location: Mosul, Iraq

MapTo the locals it marks the coming of spring, to anyone that's not from the Middle East, it's eerily reminescent of The Mummy. A wall of sand as high and as wide as you can see that swallows the landscape. It moves with the wind and covers everything, nothing is immune to its strength. Within minutes a clear day can turn into a brownout, a day without the sun. As odd as it sounds, it happens. I've been here long enough to see an afternoon turn into night. A day where the sun disappears behind the sand and darkness takes over. A day where the rain runs brown because of the sand. The locals are used to it, th rest of us aren't. It reminds everyone of where they're at and the differences between home and here.

As odd as it sounds, I enjoy this season. Well, maybe not all of it. I enjoy the strength and the fury that comes with it. It reminds me of who and what we are. Of what we control and what we can't. It reminds me that I'm a small part in the grand scheme of things, that Mother Nature still rules and that we cannot control. I don't enjoy breating in all the sand, I don't enjoy the fact that it seems to find its way into everything. I live on a beach but never seem to track as much sand into my home as I do here. It reminds me of reminds me of a whiteout only the colors are different. The winds blow, the visibility lessens and driving becomes difficult. Almost like winter in New York. You see what Mother Nature most cases it's less than 50 meters.

I love this place.......