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Louise’s Travel Diary

Friday, 26 May 2006

Location: New Zealand

MapOh my goodness! I didnt realise I'd left it so long to update my website!! January was the last entry - SO much has happened since then! Dale returned to NZ in April, at Easter actually & we met in Auckland & went off for a little holiday up north of the north island where I went diving. Had a great time up there & it's been so good to have Dale back here - we are very happy! I've moved home a couple of times since then too. We are currently living in Arrowtown which is great. Its about a 20 min drive from Queenstown, & is a very quaint, quiet little place. Work is going great, very busy. Weather is getting very cold - was about minus 5 yesterday!!! I think it could be a sign of things to come as they are forcasting a very cold winter! Dale & I are off to Dunedin with one of his old school pals this weekend so that'll be fun. Then off to TeAnau next weekend & doing a day trip to Doubtful Sound (world heritage area which is incredible beautiful, remote & has some interesting wildlife there like dolphins & penguins) - shoud be good. Am signing off now as its the end of the day on Friday & I want a glass of wine before I go home!
Write to me soon & take care x