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Louise’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 14 May 2005

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

MapWhat a great week I've had! I've now been on holiday for over 3 months - Not bad eh!

I'm still in Christchurch with my Sister & her family, this week I've been shopping, I've had my hair done at a top city salon, I've watched my nephew do his cross country running (quite funny watching all these kids cross the finish line with red faces, stiches in their sides & looking like they want to fall down & cry!). Last night we went to the Jade Stadium to watch a live Rugby match (excellent, I highly recommend it, just wish I could get hold of tickets to a Lions v All Blacks game) & today we've been to watch Don go cart racing! I feel so relaxed .... not sure I really want to start looking for work. I'd much rather be a lady of leisure!

I head down to Queenstown on Thursday after a few more days of being looked after here.

Weather is beautiful, clear blue skies every day, but it is cold ... and it's only gonna get colder as I move south. Bring on the snow & let me at those slopes!