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Louise’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 17 May 2005

Location: Christchurch, New Zealand

MapAh I love it when a plan comes together .... and yet again, my plans have changed as quickly as you can click your fingers. I had a call this morning from good old Bob (as in Bob & Kev, the Kiwis I met in Kho Phi Phi). Two of kiwi girls we met up with are going to visit them this weekend & they've very kindly invited me too! So I fly up to Auckland on Thursday, instead of going down to Queenstown (I've heard its real quiet down that way at the moment anyway). Excellent, I cant wait to see the gang again ... especially as I've been a wee bit homesick since arriving in NZ- it'll be good to meet up with the clan & have a bit of fun before I settle anywhere. Who knows, I might end up working in the north island instead ... oh the beauty of being able to change things at the drop of a hat. Leaves you so much more open to opportunities eh. And I know this weekend will be a blast! x