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Louise’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 02 Jun 2005

Location: Auckland, New Zealand

MapRight, just uploaded heaps more piccies for you all to peruse.

Hope y'all like them. I think they're rather good, if I do say so myself!

Jeanine & Susannah's filming from Phi Phi was on national tv the other night. They used a lot of the words I'd written about how I felt whilst I was on Phi Phi & a load of my pictures, so that was quite exciting!

Am still working at the Bank this week, last day tomorrow. Bank holiday weekend here this w.end (they have Bank Hol for the Queens birthday??? Why dont we have that in UK???!). I start at a city law firm on Tuesday, temping for 3 weeks. Should be interesting.

Jeanine & I are out again tomorrow night, I'll be Lions spotting again. Must remember to take my camera this time!

Will book a flight down to Queenstown for the end of June, down to the snow & the slopes.

And yes, how did you guess!!!! It is my birthday quite soon - 24th June to be exact. I'll gladly be receiving any birthday messages from loved ones, unloved ones, anyone that cares enough to write. ha ha, love you all lots really xxx