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Louise’s Travel Diary

Thursday, 04 Aug 2005

Location: Queenstown, New Zealand

Yes, sorry - it's been a few weeks since I've had a chance to get on the internet, send emails & update web site. Have only just recieved my first proper pay cheque, so at last have some dosh & can afford to buy food & pay rent ... ha ha, no it wasn't quite that bad.

Work is going well. I'm working for a company called AWS Legal, apparently the biggest law firm in the South Island .... but I think it only has about 60 or so employees at various offices around the Southlands ... not even nearly as big a Rydon then I hear you say! (come on, this is NZ!). The work is varied & we have plush new offices in the centre of Queenstown. We entertain clients on Thursday evenings with wine & nibbles, then have more staff wine & nibbles on Fridays! Not bad eh.

Have met a rather lovely local lad called Dale who I've been spending a lot of time with. We drove to Wanaka last weekend which was good, beautiful scenery all the way there so lots of photo stops, and Wanaka itself is a stunning place. This weekend were heading to Glenorchy, more beaut scenery. Think were gonna have a weekend in Dunedin soon too, get out to the big city & do some shopping.

Oh yes, and I've got a ski lesson on Saturday! Went to an 80's party last Saturday & met someone whose gonna give me some free lessons, I cant wait to get going!

So thats about it for now. All is really great with me & I'm really happy here at the mo .... of course I do still think of home, family & friends - I miss the familiarity of home terribly sometimes, but hey, as a very wise friend of mine said "life begins when you leave your comfort zone".

Lots of luv

Lou xx