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Wednesday, 23 Feb 2011

Location: Cusco, Peru

MapCusco: The Party Town

Lima was loud. The party scene seemed never ending, one night`s fun rolling into the next days´ outing. I wrote it off because I knew I was in the tourist part of town, and tourists are always up for a party.
Cusco is different. There is a party every night, and some nights the Peruvians outnumber the tourists.

On Saturday I decided to go to a Pisco Sour making class at the SAE Club. It was at noon. Earlier, but still technically afternoon! After my experience in Lima, I wasn`t too excited (WAY too much lime) but was curious how they were made. Apparently I was the only one. Luckily there were 2 women working that day, so I didn`t have to drink the entire pitcher alone. Instead, I only drank an entire pitcher minus 2. It was going to be a good day…
Unable to find McDonalds´ (drunk in the middle of the day, it`s no wonder I couldn`t follow directions) I decided a 6 soles lunch of spaghetti wasn`t a bad deal.
There is a reason Peruvians aren`t known for their spaghetti.
Walking through town with food in my belly I sobered up somewhat, and arrived ¨home¨ in time for dinner. Dani and Aly asked me again if I was going out, and again looked disappointed when I said no (I knew no one! Did they want me to go out and strike up conversations with complete strangers?) but luckily Emilien saved me from their disappointed looks by inviting me out with him and his friends. Showered, sobered up and ready to go I met Emilien and the Germans (Stefi minima, Stefi maxima, and I forget the other girls` name!). We went for dinner at a cute, random restaurant filled with toys.
They left to get ready (and pick up more members of their posse) and I introduced Emilien to the tiny hostel Rawsam introduced me to earlier.
And then? BAILA!
Did you know that as a gringo/a in Cusco you can get a lot of free drinks? But not tequila. That I had to pay for. At least they poor their shots tall here!
A few hours later and it was only Stefi minima, Emilien and me dancing (on the bar at that point. 2 continents down, 5 to go!). Finally at 5 am Emilien had had enough and we went home to sleep the uninterrupted sleep of the drunk and exhausted.

Like I said, Cusco knows how to party.