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Tetachuks’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 28 Sep 2008

Location: Pincher Creek, Canada

MapWell, we've got just over two weeks until we leave and we've finally got most of our planning least we hope so! Here's a look at our itinary so far.

Depart Calgary October 15, 2008.

Arrive in Auckland, New Zealand October 17. We'll be renting a camper van and spending two weeks touring the North Island.

November 1st fly from Auckland, New Zealand to Melbourne, Australia. We'll spend 35 days touring Australia.

December 6th we fly from Melbourne, Australia to Beijing, China where we start our first tour with GAP Adventures - Asia Backroads. The tour will take us from Beijing, south to Laos, and end in Bangkok, Thailand. After the tour we'll have an another 4 weeks to tour southeast Asia on our own.

January 25th we depart from Bangkok and fly to Delhi, India to begin our second tour with GAP Adventures. We will spend 15 days travelling from Delhi to Goa.

February 15th we depart Mumbai (Bombay), India and fly to Nairobi, Kenya. February 17th we start our 6 day trek up Mount Kilimanjaro! If all goes well we should be be summitting around sunrise on February 20th before making our descent.

February 23rd we start our Safari with GAP Adventues touring Serengeti National Park in search of the "Big 5".

March 2nd we depart Nairobi, Kenya and fly to Cairo, Egypt. We begin our final GAP tour on March 5th which takes us through Egypt and Jordan.

March 22nd we depart Amman, Jordan and fly to Athens, Greece. We'll spend the next 2.5 months touring Europe by train.

May 31st we depart London, England and head home!

We hope to update our blog regularly so check back for pictures and updates of our adventures around the world soon! Please leave us a message or you can email us at