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renata’s Travel Diary

Saturday, 09 Aug 2008

Location: Budapest, Hungary

MapDear Diary,
it is Saturday morning and me with my boyfriend started our journey to Canada..... No no no.... don't expect anything like diary of teenage girl. :)
On Saturday morning we woke up and after very last check that we got really all we need, the trip could begin.
Listening to slovakian radio station in the car, singing and nervous of excitement, we were driving to Budapest Ferihegy (airport). We headed straight to long term parking... we found right entry on second try and from this prehistoric and unattended parking we walked to airport. After checking in and answering few questions to assistents we were ready to take off & fly. Our flight seats were quite luxurious - on our right wing exit door & on our left WC. On the other side at least there was more space for my loooong :) legs. As it was straight flight from Budapest to NY, we could enjoy hungarian language almost all the time. After few hours we landed in New York - JFK airport. The immigration officer was a nice guy and New York opened its gate to us: 2 out of millions of other tourists. Our car Suzuki Forenza in grey color was waiting for us on Jamaica Ave. The welcome was in real NY style - traffic jam on the way from airport to Danbury, our first place to stay. Danbury is small city (of course considering american conditions) so it was quite easy to find appartment of Stevo, 1 of many Slovakian immigrants in USA, Matus's cousin, our host and future American. We met his girlfriend beautiful and exotic Lidania, Volleyball (sport in general) fan and thus our first night in America was about Olympics that just started in Peking, about athletes and everyday life.