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renata’s Travel Diary

Monday, 11 Aug 2008

Location: Niagara Falls - Toronto, Canada

MapWe woke up still in USA. After short and poor motel breakfast (we found a very last tea bag, no danish just few chocolate cereals, milk and OJ) it was finally THE DAY. We crossed the USA - Canada border on the Rainbow bridge and in a moment we were in completely different world. It is hard to believe but Canadian side of Niagara Falls city is much different - full of people & tourists, flowers, parks, restaurants, cafes, shops, motels, hotels, you can't overlook tower and casinos. Simply said you can't overlook LIFE. Canadian side of falls is beautifull. Only from this side you can really see full picture - American Fall & Horseshoe Fall. We went for one of the many tourist attractions here - Maid of the Mist. Maid of the Mist are small and robust boats that bravely swim towards the mist, wind and falling water. Though dressed in fashionable blue rain coats, after this tour, we were wet. :) Walking throuh this lively city we got energized and headed to town Niagara on the Lake. We drove our Suzuki passing Ontario Power Plant (this is where the water of Niagara are directed to... on both sides of Niagara Falls stand water power plants and here is the connection of Niagara and Nicola Tesla). We stoped for a minute in front of the Niagara Flower Clock and then back on the track to former capital city of Canada - Niagara on the Lake. This route is perfect for cyclists as well and is surrounded by wineries. Niagara on the Lake region is one of the famoust wine regions in Canada. The development of the town itself stoped in 1864 and walking through the streets here you can step back in time. We passed Fort George, old charming hotels, souvenir shops, visited pharmacy from year 1866 and enjoyed ice-cream - i decided for watermelon sherbet flavour and Matus proved his loyalty to tradition by choosing ice cream with dutch chocolate flavour.
After spending few hours in this old and marvelous town we drove close to the banks of Ontario lake to Toronto. From far away we could see famous Toronto skyline lead by CNN Tower. We passed downtown with lively Yonge street, Hockey Hall of Fame and went back to the roots of the CNN Tower. Most important thing you need to have if you want to see Toronto from above is patience. Queing in the line for about 2 hours is the price to take a lift in the glass elevator (my 1st heart attack). Elevator stops in the height of 347 m, this is called Lookout. So we looked out... went to the Glass Floor (my 2nd heart attack) and waited again to take lift down. Toronto has a famous and big Chinatown, where we wanted to take a dinner... but we did not found the real Chinatown... so hungry as dog we bought a great tasty hot-dogs from a very competitive seller. We ate it at another beautifull place - on the square with old city hall in front and new city hall on the left. Of course present were colourfull flowers and nice fontains... Toronto spoke to me about its aspire to be modern, boosting, lively, multicultural growing city. Great place to live. On the way back to car we met a young pretty Canadian, she was looking for the subway station... after short chat with her we knew that she is from Montreal, very european like city ... and she said we will really enjoy Montreal. Let's see if she was right. :) What I know now is that Canadians are friendly and nice people open to all who are interested to listen.