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Aaron Waugh’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 07 Sep 2008

Location: Thailand

Maphey all

ive spent the last 2 weeks in thailand and its been amazing. tonight i head off to the uk for the next part of my journey. for a majority of the last 2 weeks i spent my time in koh samui, which is one awesome island. its got everything from nice beaches, great food and great nightlife. during our stay there we enjoyed the odd night or 3 enjoying ice cold beers, especially the towers from ark bar haha, buckets (which are bad news) and a few shots. at the ark bar there were these kids whom you paid to play connect 4. if you won you got double your money back. i can safely say josh and myself have put that kid through college after our attempts at beating him!

we hired a motorbike one of the days and i thought i was doing a pretty darn good job, thats until i sorta crashed into a parked car in the parking lot! so from a day of hiring a motorbike which costs 7 aus dollars it ended up costing me about 60 aus dollars. but im still in one piece so i cant complain to much.

another day was spent on a safari tour, which was pretty cool. we visted temples and, an animal farm, where we rode an elephant, a waterfall, went to a hilltop resturant, some gardens in the mountains and visited the buddah. it was a really cool day and allowed us to see more of the island.

the resort where we stayed was top notch, the pool was amazing, the brekkies were huge, although i pretty much stuck to what i normally eat back home. it was quite an awesome resort. josh and myself even hired a paddle boat for an hour one day and we paddled out to a small island from the resort. it looked an easy task but it most certaintly wasnt.

we met some really great people on our travels. some great bokes from hamilton, who we spent a lot of time with (and a few towers as well), as well as others from the uk, australia and france whom we all got along with really well.

on friday we arrived in bangkok and to be honest its not a place im in a hurry to come back to. josh and myself sat in a tuk tuk for 45 mins only to travel anout 1.5ks! its a really dirty over populated place. yesterday we discovered the mono rail and that makes things so much easier to travel around in. it was so hard to find somewhere to watch my beloved magpies play, so i ended up in a net cafe listening to them thump the crows. HOT PIES! we later discovered a place which shows afl, so we watched the cats smash the saints there today.

anyways best be off. i better head and get ready to head off to the uk. our plane leaves at 1am and we arrive at 7 there time.

exciting times ahead.

looking forward to hearing from you