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Bobby y Philippa’s Travel Diary

Sunday, 14 Jun 2009

Location: Gaansbai, South Africa

MapHello there

Just a quick entry on our shark cage dive experience....the photos tell most of the story. Headed to Gaansbai, the great white shark capital of the world to have a close up look at these epic predators. Spent the day in and out of the cage with massive 3-4m great whites swimming right up and brushing their sleek bodies against the cage and at times even mouthing it. The best part was when occasionally one would look at you directly in the eye, sizing you up for dinner. We were also very privileged to see an up close and personal attempt on a seal by a frenzied shark who launched itself halfway out of the water, just metres from us. Later we also witnessed an attempt on another seal a few 100m away where the seal was thrown metres in the air but still managed to get away. Nature really turned it on for us that day.