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lindamarlen’s Travel Diary

Tuesday, 14 Oct 2008

Location: Maro apts, my place, Cyprus

Map7:00 pm

I've become addicted to this website like everyone become addicted to facebook when they first get introduced to it.

Anyway, I am glad I found this website, because I don't think I would have ever been consistent with writing in an actual journal. My hand would have gotten tired after the first page. And given my horrible memory, I would only have a handful of stories/memories to share when I got back to the states. After so many journals, you will discover that I actually love to write. I'm definitely not the best writer in history, but I enjoy it like I enjoy my coffee at 7 am. I write like I talk: A LOT!

Today was a very gloomy day, which was very weird compared to the perfect weather we've been blessed with this past week. My mom told me it's been very windy back home. It thundered and rained most of the day, but when you step outside it feels like the sun is out. It's a good thing I was in the library most of the day, otherwise I would have been tempted to sleep.

I have plenty of work to do before I call it a night. I have a presentation tomorrow morning at 8 am. woooohooo. FYI, I seem to be one of the ones in my classes that speaks up. A classmate of mine said that it is because the classes are all in English, and the native language of most of the students there is NOT English, but even then, my professors tend to look at me and ask direct questions. By default, I was chosen as the first person to do a presentation in my European Politics class. I guess it isn't so bad. There are only 6 students in the class! The minimum number of students you need in a class in order for it to continue is 5!! Our book hasn't even arrived in the bookshop and the professor is still expecting me to present tomorrow. He copied the two chapters I needed in order for me to prepare. But come on... There are only 6 students...can he at least push it back? it's a good thing I enjoy this class!

I have been thinking about my truck for the past week! I cant go anywhere really, even though the necessary stores are close by. Downtown is a taxi ride away. Walking, although I need the exercise, would take me light years. Cyprus transportation is not good (Cypriots would tell you that it SUCKS...but it's not big deal to them because they all drive Mercedes and hate). So I decided that I needed to make more friends...especially with those that have cars :) Two nights ago my roommates and I had coffee with two girls from Cyprus and it was so much fun! (FYI, Cypriots love coffee time, even if its at 1 am.) They told us random facts about Cyprus:

--they built a new hospital 5 years ago that is apparently too big for Cyprus, and the first week when they moved everything from the old hospital to the new one: the forgot the dead bodies!!
--It was only about 40 years ago that Cyprus was still using DONKEYS as transportation
--we import water from Lebanon because of the drought. But given the good rain that has been coming in this fall, we wont need it next year
--everything is expensive because everything is imported...a Jeep would cost you over $100,000
--a large majority of the younger population smokes
--and frappe's are the hippest coffee drink in town!

Well I'm going to go back to working on algebra (fun) and listen to my Temerarios.